Author Interview with Christy Sanderson

We are excited to present an exclusive interview with the multi-talented Christy Sanderson, focusing on her creative writing process. As an award-winning author, entrepreneur, certified spiritual life coach, and public speaker, Christy has left an indelible mark on the lives of many through her various endeavors. With a background in education, holding a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s in Special Education, she has seamlessly blended her passion for teaching with her love for writing.

Having authored five captivating books, Christy has been featured on the cover of UBAWA Magazine and participated in numerous radio interviews, even co-hosting the Digital Breeze radio show in Atlanta, Georgia. Her commitment to her faith and ministry, Glory Nation, has greatly influenced her work and life purpose: to experience and share God’s glory, fulfill His promises, and guide others towards Jesus Christ to find their own life purpose.

In today’s interview, we delve into the world of Christy Sanderson’s writing, exploring the intricacies of her process, and how her spirituality and life experiences have shaped her literary journey. Join us as we uncover the inspiration behind her stories and the methods she employs to create her compelling narratives.

This is an excerpt of the full interview that you can listen to here.

J Ware: What was the most difficult part of writing this book?

Christy Sanderson: The hardest part about me writing a book was, you know, the book is about my life story and I was afraid of writing because I didn’t want people, you know, to look down on me like, oh, you did that or you did that too. But then, um, I know I went to the publishing company and everything, they were like, you need to tell your story. And I was like, okay, I’ll do it. But this, that was kind one of my bestselling books was my story.

J Ware: Yeah. So the powerful testimony is one of the most, uh, is is just the one of the most engaging things that we can give our story, uh, brings glory to the Lord and also just, um, it, it just makes things easy for people to understand cause they can relate to it. I agree with that and I thank you for sharing that. What does literary success look to you look like to you? Is it money? If you got, if, if your book succeeded and you had a ton of money, would you call that success fame? Is there artistic freedom? What does success look like to you?

Christy Sanderson: To me, um, successful, like is time, having time to do everything you wanna do and freedom. Having the freedom to live life without limits and your financial freedom because people can have money and fame and still not be happy. So I think time freedom and living life without limitations and having financial freedom where you don’t have to, you know, work for the money, but allow it to work for you so you can be living your true purpose or calling in life.

J Ware: That is an excellent answer. I I love that. Thank you for sharing that. Does writing energize you or exhaust you? And if it exhausts you in a good way, how do you recoup?
Christy Sanderson: It doesn’t exhaust me. I love writing cause it’s my passion. I always wanted to be a writer And um, I’m working on a new book now too. It’s called Warm to God. Love is Not Worth It. And I do have a Christian lifestyle blog where I post a blog every week too. And I love join doing that too. And like my readers, they love when I post a new blog like they be waiting for if I miss a week, they’re like, oh, you know, I wanna read your blog. You didn’t post anything this week. And so most of the time I write, I get a lot of energy, I be so excited. I’m like, okay God, what do you want me to write? And I write it too. And the people, they just love my writing and sometimes I be like, I don’t wanna write about it but I’ll do it anyway. And they love it.

J Ware: What is one thing you’ve learned from becoming a successful writer?
Christy Sanderson: Writing takes time and you just can’t jump into it. Cuz I know some people they want their book out so fast and get it published, but you have to take your time and get everything processed the correct way because I realize too, anything that comes easy does not last. So take your time and um, process it, get it, you know, get everything you need done the proper and correct way because if you don’t, you are regretted in the end.

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J Ware: Christie, share with us your perfect writing environment. Is it in a cottage away from everybody else by yourself? Is it at a desk sitting on the couch? Where do you write and what inspires you as far as the environment goes?

Christy Sanderson: You know, it’s funny cause um, when I write the best is when I’m going through something or, and I don’t know why, but that’s when I’m writing the best. Because if I’m just sitting at home or anything, it seemed like I get write a blah or, you know, um, cause I’ve taught special education, you know, I used be in my classroom writing and I could work in chaotic situation. I never understood that I could, I can turn it out and tune it out and write. That’s when I write the best.

J Ware: That’s awesome. I haven’t heard that you can, that people can write in the midst of chaos. But that is, uh, that’s a really good thing because, uh, so many times our life is kind of going a hundred miles an hour. And if you can write when things are going fast and around you, that’s awesome. I’m glad that you can do that. Thanks for sharing that. As we wrap up the interview. Uh, your name is Christie Sanderson, c h r i s t y. Sanderson is s a n d e r s o n. The book that we’re talking about today is from Nothing Into The Woman of God. That’s the title of the book From Nothing Into The Woman of God. Christie, where can people find your book?

Christy Sanderson: They can find on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and then, you know, my website, uh, glory nation and, um, anywhere really just about. So I’m truly thankful, you know, that God opened up opportunities for me that they can access, you know, anywhere like that. Like they can, um, can find it anywhere online too, if they don’t wanna go into the bookstore too. It is. You just type in a Google Google and they’ll find it on Amazon. Uh, books a million anywhere.

J Ware: I’d love to get my hands on the book and, uh, maybe check it out, send it to some gals that I know. Um, but the truth that’s in there from your faith and your experience is gonna be the hook that anybody needs to read the book. And I’m excited about that. So thank you for being with us, Christy. And we will talk to you, uh, soon. If you’d like to come back ever and you write that new book, love to have you come back and share with us and, uh, talk to us then. Okay.

Christy Sanderson: All right. Thank you for having me.

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