Inspiration for Fiction Writers

Too Much To Write

No literally, I have too much to write. I am super passionate about storytelling and the process of what makes good fiction good! And to be honest… I should be working on my own works of fiction at this moment, However, I have had more than one friend encourage me to share my thoughts and writing process with anyone looking for insight. So… Too Much To Write was created.

My Goals & Inspiration for Fiction Writers

I get satisfaction helping people. Watching a face light up when a person figures something out has got to be one of the biggest rewards in life. This is what has steered me towards creating Too Much Too Write. I want a place where readers who struggle with certain aspects of writing and storytelling can come and find resources to better their craft.

My Promise

The process of writing, and storytelling, and character development, and the whole gambit of the makings of a novel amaze me, and despite what some may say: writing is hard work. It goes beyond what you learned in school and college. It takes lifelong dedication, and the sooner you see that you will never master it, the better off you’ll be. You will only be just a little better than you were before… and that is perfect.

I think writing is a learned behavior… No, I know it is a learned behavior and most people fail at telling the story they so desire to tell because of any number of reasons. I don’t even need to list a reason because trust me… there have been times when walking the dog seemed like a better idea to me than sitting down and writing. And that’s what I mean by a learned behavior.

Writing IS hard, but with patience and a lot of habitual practice, you can write your novel. I hope what I post for Too Much To Write can make that process more understandable for you.

I can’t promise I will post regularly, as my focus gears up more and more on my own fiction, but I promise I will give what I can. In return, I want you to learn as much as you can, so for this being my first post; If you take away anything, let it be this: good writing habits equal… words on a page.

Wendy Marshall

Wendy Marshall is a publishing agent and the owner of Too Much To Write. She has successfully represented numerous authors, helping them to get their work published and make their dreams come true. Prior to Too Much To Write, Wendy spent a decade working in the publishing industry, first as an editorial assistant and later as an acquisitions editor. She has a deep understanding of the publishing process and a passion for helping writers find success. Wendy specializes in helping authors create books that are both commercially viable and that represent their unique voice and vision. She has a wealth of experience in the industry and loves helping authors navigate the complicated publishing landscape. She believes that every voice deserves to be heard and that every story deserves to be told.